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Intuition Week


with Emily Aarons


During this LIVE experience you'll learn:

⭐️ Why your money blocks are stopping you from manifesting, and how to clear them.

⭐️ How to AUTHENTICALLY attract your ideal soulmate clients...this is a game changer!

⭐️ Simple ways to connect with your spirit team of angels, ancestors, and animals to keep you on the right path.


All registrants will also receive my NEW Unlock Your Gifts Guided Meditation and a PDF Workbook!


What is Intuition Week?

A LIVE 5-day experience that will unlock your intuition, connect you with like-minded spiritual entrepreneurs,  and dramatically improve your business. 

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Hi, I'm Emily!

I'm an intuitive healer and business alignment coach. Best known as a spiritual guide for getting out of overwhelm and into a flow state in your business. I support female entrepreneurs on their healing journey by clearing and releasing blocks so they manifest their best life! I'm also the creator of the Angels In Your Biz Oracle Card Deck and the host of the Aligned & Unstoppable Podcast.

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Frequently Asked Q's


Q: What time will the LIVE sessions be held?

A: The times vary but the replays are available ALL week long. Some sessions are in the morning and some in the evening to accommodate different time zones and work schedules.


Q: Is Intuition Week part of the Mastery & Ascension Membership?

A: It's not. Intuition Week has always been a private event outside of the membership. However, all Seasonal and Annual members will have access to the replays after the live event.


Q: Is Intuition Week only for entrepreneurs?

A: Absolutely NOT. IW is for anyone who's ready to receive deep energy healing, be part of a loving and like-minded spiritual community, and are wanting to dramatically transform and improve their life!


Q: What if I wasn't born with intuition or I'm not really "woo"?

A: Everyone is welcome. I trust that if there's a part of you interested in joining Intuition Week, it's the right time for you. Trust yourself. I didn't think I was born with the gift either. You'll be in great company!


Q: When will I get access to the Facebook Group?

A: One week prior to Intuition Week


Q: How long do I get access?

A: Registrants get access all week long. After IW is over, replays are available inside the M&A Seasonal and Annual memberships.


Questions about anything else please email the team at [email protected].