You KNOW you're here to make an impact but do you keep getting stuck?

What MOST online business coaches and course creators are giving you a box full of clock parts (all the parts of a successful business) and an instruction booklet (their course) and expecting that you'll be able to assemble a clock, just like theirs, based on their simple instructions!

At some point, very early on, a part of your soul goes, WTF? 🤬

Maybe you internalize it thinking something is wrong with YOU, not the course.

THE PROBLEM, and this really fires me up, is that maybe THEY built a clock and made 6-figures (or whatever they're telling you), and now you're supposed to build a clock (like theirs) super fast and make loads of money like them!


Have you ever stopped to consider that's THEIR life path, but what if YOUR life path ISN'T building a clock at all...

You're here, in this lifetime to build a damn rocket ship, or a telescope, or a flying electric get me?

Someone else's parts and instructions fail you every time because that's THEIR life path...and you, my friend, are not on the same path.

YOU are not broken, their plan just isn't YOURS...

Likely, that's also why you're always feeling so freaking OVERWHELMED by it!

You've been raised to follow instructions...

And raise your hand...

And seek help/advice from others...

And NOT to trust the wisdom from within...

Isn't it time to toss out those business models?

It's time to build a ONE-SIZE-FITS-YOU program so you can remember how to look inward for answers and guidance, and get real HUMAN support when you're feeling a little lost on your path.

Sound good?

That's exactly what I teach because I, like you, followed someone else's strategies and ideas until I couldn't take the "failure" any longer...

I threw out their model in favor of following MY inner far so f'ing good!

I'm taking a select group of entrepreneurs making UNDER $100K on a 6-month journey with me to do this work on a very deep and very intimate level inside of the Align & Activate Mastermind.


It's application only. It's NOT a discount or free program. It IS life-changing.

I'm ONLY interested in women who are ready to commit to having a BREAKTHROUGH year.

So, if you're ready to unlock your intuitive abilities and grow your business while marching to the beat of your OWN damn drum, apply now before our few spaces are available.


Want in? HIT APPLY NOW to get started!


There's this weird in-between place BEFORE you hit $100K in your business...

You need high-level support AND you want to be in a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who, like you, are ready to express their "woo", get into alignment with their highest self, and have a breakthrough year. Welcome home, friend.


January 4, 2021

I'm offering a select group of lightworkers the opportunity to join my signature program AND gain access to me, my coaches, and team of experts. 
I trust that YOU are here for the RIGHT reasons, and you'll be an amazing addition to this growing group of motivated individuals.
Ready to learn my one-size-fits-YOU model and get your BREAKTHROUGH WITHOUT THE BURNOUT!?
If you're looking for more WOO, spirituality, and intuition your'e in the RIGHT PLACE!
It was only in 2017 that I was able to 10X my business revenue from the previous year, and in 2018 I more than doubled that (while also pregnant)! I want to show you exactly what I did so you can find that volume of success too!

Space Is Limited Apply TODAY!

Let the energy, magic, and woo begin...


- You have taken other courses but you’re coursed the F out!

- You CRAVE to learn about spirituality, intuition, and the energetics inside you!

- You’ve reached a moderate level of success but you’d like to get the support of coaches and a bright community.

- You’re eager to begin incorporating more spirituality into your life and business and would like to do that with others in a similar position.

- You're looking for a community of like-minded women who are on a spiritual path and ready to help more people.

- You have been a part of other group programs and felt like the weird one.

- You have been in business for a while but are craving a place to bounce ideas off and receive feedback.

- You are open and coachable, eager to find ways to improve.

- You are ready to take FULL responsibility for your own growth.

- You know you are here to be MORE but you lack the confidence right now.


"The Mastermind is a group of beautiful women supporting each other on their journeys in life and through starting their business. You get what you put into it that's for sure. "

Kim Depa

"It's been everything that I could have hoped for. It has gotten me so much closer to my goal that I ever could have imagined!"

Kathryn Shibelski

"The best investment that I've made in my business in nearly 3 years. "

Cassie Righter
Curriculum Writer and Group Coaching Consultant

"This Mastermind was exactly what I needed to grow my business. I has been essential in helping me combine my intuition with good old fashioned business sense. I love the spiritual connection, the business component, and the group interaction. The women in this group have been the support and accountability I needed to help me grow to the next level."

Angela Naumann
Life Coach

"It has pushed me in ways that I didn't even know I needed to grow. The support, kindness, love and knowledge are top notch. The added piece of Intuition and spirituality are hands down amazing and like nothing I have experienced before. The small size makes you feel like a person and not a number. It has changed my life in big ways."

Cynthia Hawver

"This group help me release blocks that were hindering my social media presence . Connecting to my soulmate client has been very helpful in knowing who to market to. Since working with Emily my entire disposition has changed. Meditating has changed my world . I am a completely different person than I was 6 months ago "

Kacie Monroe
Hair Artist



- Your business is still an idea.

- You believe the only way to measure growth is your bank account.

- You run and hide when you get triggered versus facing your discomfort.

- You think your business needs to be perfect before you put yourself out there.

- You prefer to work in solitude.

- You don’t like being coached and don't show up for coaching calls.

- You feel uncomfortable talking about mindset, spirituality, crystals, and intuition.

- You're not willing to be open for feedback from your peers or share your knowledge.

- You are intimidated by other people doing the same things as you.

- You shut down when others give you feedback.


In order to be considered for the Align & Activate Mastermind, you must be open and coachable, meaning you take your growth seriously and are committed to taking responsibility for your own one can give that to you but YOU.  

This mastermind is not only AFFORDABLE, it's MASSIVELY VALUABLE if you're ready to find your voice, step into your power, and serve in a way you've only dreamed of!




Intro to Intuition

Energy systems: aura, color, sound healing


Akashic Records

Food, nutrition, intuitive eating, body


Energy systems, Polarity Therapy/Reiki, lightwork, EFT

Inner Child Healing


Sound healing, alternate nostril breathing, yoga nidra

Lucid Dreaming, astral travel


Ascended masters, angels, archangels, guides, animal medicine, inner child

Highest self, soul expression, inner wisdom


Crystals, crystal grids, programming crystals, clearing

Manifestation, clearing money blocks



6- Month Access to Mastery & Ascension membership ($264 value)
(1) Monthly group call with Emily ($4500 value)
(1) Monthly group call with one of the coaches ($3000 value)
(1) Monthly LIVE Masterclass with an expert ($4500 value)
Access to Emily and coaches via Facebook Group (Priceless)
Business Made Simple Course ($1111 value)
Intro To Intuition Course ($222 value)
Akashic Records + Soul Book Course ($47 value)
Support from other like-minded mastermind members (Priceless!)
  • Marketing with Deb Laflamme
  • Hypnosis + Mindset with Sara Drury



Your investment $6,997.00.
Payment plans are available.
NOT-SO-FUN-FACT: "Only 2% of women-owned businesses ever make it to $1 million in revenue — 3.5 times less than their male counterparts.
In an effort to bridge the unfair wealth gap for women and specifically BIPOC, I'm proud to offer partial scholarships to BIWOC in an effort to ensure more female leaders of color can build wealth and independence in your highest alignment.

Whether you've been in other groups or not, the level of support and unconditional LOVE in my Mastermind is unprecedented.



8 plus Modules to help you build your business and soulfully scale.

($2000 value)


Every month starting in January, Emily, her coaches, and team of experts will offer LIVE Zoom coaching.

($4500 value)


Members-only Facebook Group for access to Emily, questions, on the spot coaching and support (Priceless!)


Monthly Bonus Masterclass Trainings

($4500 value)

Saying yes to receiving support inside the Align & Activate Mastermind is your first breakthrough!

Once you have applied to The Align & Activate Mastermind, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all of the next steps!

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* Please note that the Align & Activate Mastermind was formally called The Business Made Simple Mastermind.


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