Mastery & Ascension Membership - Annual

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Get a chance to work directly with me through my LIVE monthly Energy Forecasts and Guided Meditations + Q&A!

Additionally, you'll receive access to...

- Intro to Meditation for Entrepreneurs

- Over 50 pre-recorded energy clearings, meditations, and soulful visualizations

- Our exclusive online community where you can feel safe opening up your woo-woo side and more...

PLUS annual members get FREE access to all (7) Soul Book Healing meditations ($126 value!)


What People Are Saying:

“Last night I did one of the soul book healings and at the end I asked my guides to reveal anything that I need to know about how I need to show up in my launch in my dreams tonight. Well, I now have three new ideas that I can’t wait to implement. Two with this course and one with my other evergreen course. These are ideas that are totally new and I’m pretty excited.”

Nicole B.

“After a session with Emily, I realized some of the words I was using and the energy I was putting into my work was a little negative. I was struggling to fill my live event and during our session, she gave me a few tips and that day I started to fill my event with ease. I had unexpected sign ups and people that already said they couldn’t make it changing their minds. It was a huge energy shift and I now realize the power of meditation, our words, and the energy we bring to our work. I can’t recommend Emily Aarons enough!”

Stacy T.

“Emily has a knack for knowing what is going on in my head! Even when I listen to something that’s been recorded months ago it’s always relevant to where I am now. I love Emily’s meditations and her openness with sharing the ‘how’s’ of things. I think I would have given up on the whole meditation idea a long time ago if it wasn’t for this group. xx thanks Emily!”

Bronwen W.

“I have had so many emotional breakthroughs being a part of this group. Meditation has always been something that I never knew where to start or how to do it. These guided meditations open me up more and more every time I do them.”

Danielle K.

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Mastery & Ascension Membership - Annual $180.00 USD every year
Apply a coupon
Due Now $180.00 USD