Mastery & Ascension


Do you feel like you're on the verge of a BREAKTHROUGH in your business but something's off?

Sometimes your heart tells you to go in one direction, but your analytical mind says, " can't do that!"

The only way to truly shift and grow in your business is to connect deeply and learn to TRUST your higher self.

Gut feelings are your guardian angels sending you messages...but you must be tuned in to get that message!

I've been teaching entrepreneurs all over the world how to use meditation as a growth tool in their business, and the results are nothing short of miraculous!

This is NOT your boring "blank screen" meditation. I'm talking about giving you a roadmap for your business!

Listen, you have everything you need, you just need to learn how to access it.

Now, it's easier (and more affordable) than ever with my Mastery & Ascension membership!

Get a chance to work directly with me through my LIVE monthly Energy Forecasts and Guided Meditations + Q&A!

Additionally, you'll receive access to...

- Intro to Meditation for Entrepreneurs

- Over 50 pre-recorded energy clearings, meditations, and soulful visualizations

- Our exclusive online community where you can feel safe opening up your woo-woo side and more...




$180 per year gives you a discounted rate PLUS access to all 7 Soul Book Healings (normally $197)

Your Membership Includes...

  • Once a month, in our private Facebook group I provide a powerful LIVE Channeled Meditation and Energy Forecast plus Q&A to keep you in the flow in your business.
  • Over 50 pre-recorded guided meditations, energy clearings, guided journeys, soul book healing and even replays of classes and lessons.
  • 6-Week Intro to Meditation for Entrepreneurs
  • Group support and confidence building with like-minded entrepreneurs 



Testimonials about Mastery & Ascension...

"Where to even begin?! Mastery and Ascension has brought me back in touch with my intuition at a time when I needed it most. In the 12 days so far of following the meditations once or twice a day, I have noticed drastic changes in my energy and what I am attracting. For one, we have sold more high end products (somehow more effortlessly!), I suddenly feel like I have more time in the day, things that light me up seem to be showing up more and more and it's so much easier to see the next steps I need to be taking in my business. It's hard to put into words the kinds of changes that I'm seeing, but all I can say is that meditation is powerful beyond measure and especially Emily's meditations and the way she holds space for her just have to be a part of it!"

Gillian Scarpino
My next steps are clear and I'm attracting high end clients!

"Using meditation and connecting with my soul mate clients on an energetic level has been a total and complete game changer in my business. My business has never felt more in alignment than it does now, since using the tools Emily teaches."

Maggie Luther
I'm operating from full alignment and joy!

"I have had so many emotional breakthroughs being a part of this group. Meditation has always been something that I never knew where to start or how to do it. These guided meditations open me up more and more every time I do them!!"

Danielle Keane
I'm having total transformation!

"mily and the work she does is magic. Her words a gift. Whether you are new to meditation, or practice it daily, Emily is able to take you on a journey with ease and familiarity. Like walking down a path with an old friend she is able to open you up to signs, awakenings, and revelations you never knew you needed. The time passes effortlessly and you are left with an overwhelming sense of clarity and peace. Emily's meditations are the only ones that have worked for me EVERY TIME. I can truly say I am in a better place because her."

Julie King
Emily's meditations are the only ones that have worked for me EVERY TIME.

"Oh my goodness, I had zero faith in myself that I could ever create a mediation practice. I would try. My mind would bounce around like a pinball machine and I would wonder what the heck is the point of this…..then I met Emily. She led a group meditation at an event I was at and I struggle to find the words to explain what I felt. I can sum it up that 20 minutes felt like 2 and I literally kind of forgot where I was when I returned. Emily has an amazing gift and it’s focused on helping entrepreneurs gain clarity and meet their higher self. With this membership I can jump in at anytime and get re-centered. Thank you Emily!!!"

Nicole Leonard Begley
Emily has an amazing gift and it’s focused on helping entrepreneurs gain clarity and meet their higher self.

"I joined Mastery & Ascension because Emily felt genuine, safe, and knowledgeable. With the meditations I’ve done so far…I have felt so much more clarity and comfort even when uncomfortable. I’m having a much easier time checking my ego and I’m so grateful! That alone is gratifying! I’m now excited to meditate!"

Mia Hunter-Pappas
Feeling totally grounded and clear!

"Emily has a knack for knowing exactly what is going on in my head!! Even when I listen to something that’s been recorded months ago it’s always relevant to where I am now. I love Emily’s meditations and her openness with sharing the ‘how’s’ of things. I think I would have given up on the whole meditation idea a long time ago if it wasn’t for this group xx thanks Emily!"

Bronwen Warner
Always trusting I'm on the right path!

"After a session with Emily, I realized some of the words I was using and the energy I was putting into my work was a little negative. I was struggling to fill my live event and during our session, she gave me a few tips and that day I started to fill my event with ease. I had unexpected sign ups and people that already said they couldn’t make it changing their minds. It was a huge energy shift and I now realize the power of meditation, our words, and the energy we bring to our work. I can’t recommend Emily Aarons enough!"

Stacy Tuschl
I'm having a huge energy shift!

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